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Identification Cards

Do you need an ID card to cash a check or vote?  Or, would you like an ID card for your minor child so that authorities will have access to his photo immediately if something awful should happen?  We can issue your ID card at our Motor Vehicle Center at 4733 E Broadway @ Swan.

Please note: We issue temporary credentials (with photo) and your permanent credential will be mailed to you within 15 business days.

You will need to bring in one primary ID such as an original US birth certificate or US passport, and one secondary ID such as an original social security card, health insurance card or school ID.  If you do not have a photo ID, you will need a third form of ID.  If you are under 18, your parent or guardian (original legal guardian documents required) may serve as your third form of ID.

Please note, that per Arizona law, you cannot have both a Driver License and an ID card.   Also, if your Driver License is suspended, your ID will only be valid for 6 months.

Lost your ID?  No problem. It’s easy and takes just a few minutes!  If you are under 18, we DO NOT require your  parent or legal guardian’s signature.


Please bring acceptable documentation to our office. Arizona Voluntary Travel ID Identification Requirements

To get more information about obtaining a New Travel ID or Driver’s License click here.

Please bring acceptable documentation to our office. Click here to see what is required: Primary and Secondary Forms of Acceptable Documentation 

Link to Be Prepared online drivers license/identification application.

Complete application.

After online completion please print the bar code and bring it to our office.

Don’t forget to bring all original documents (we cannot accept photo copies).

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